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Do you lie awake at night worrying about how to share your inspiring message with the world?

Maybe you’re confused about how to structure and organize your manuscript—you’ve written bits and pieces, but how do they all fit together, how do you make them flow seamlessly?

Then You Need a Writing Coach & Editor!

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Perhaps you know in your bones that your story will resonate with readers--move, inspire, empower, & transform them—but find yourself swirling in a sea of ideas and can’t seem to focus on a coherent story line?

Then you’re a hero in search of defining your specific hero’s journey, aren’t you? Sure, you may have a loose concept of what you want to say—you may even have written entire chapters in the shower that disappear soon as you grab your towel to dry off!

What authors have to say about working with Sheri:

“It has been such a joy working with you Sheri. You are awesome!
Thank you for such a comprehensive wrap up of things.
Your suggestions are wonderful, thank you…and thank you
for all your inspiring comments!”
~ Donna Visco, Author, Women Living Consciously

“Thank you for your time and patience. You have been a pleasure to work with! I love it…and I am elated to say the least!!!” Debbie Arrigo Author, Women Living Consciously

“I printed it out and read it out loud to myself. Sheri, thank you! I REALLY like the way you worded and re-arranged some of the areas that you did! Great job Sheri, thank you! Thank you for helping me take my words and my story and turn it into something more beautiful than I could have imagined. It feels so perfect! :)” ~  Lora Colautti, Author, 



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